2 Suction Hopper Loader

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Two Suction Hopper by One Single Controller


·The main engine and the material hopper are designed separately,
  and thus it is safe, easy and convenient to be operated.
·The whole operation is controlled by Micro Trip computer.
·Equipped with an independent filter, which is very convenient to clean up dust.
·The equipped muffler reduces the noise in operation.
·Stainless steel material hopper is light in weight, durable and very convenient
  for cleaning the device.
·The control box, being designed separately, is easy to be well maintained.
·Auto-buzzer will give alarm while lacking material.
·Auto-protective device protects motor against overloading.
·XTL-900GN-2 controlling two suction hopper by one single controller not only
  taking space but also manage convenient.

Model XTL-900GN-2 XTL-800GN2-P
Motor  type induction induction
specification 2200w3Φ 1100w3Φ
Conveying capacity 450kg/hr+450kg/hr 650kg/hr
Static wind pressure 2000mmAq 1450mmAq
filter Φ188x115H Φ188x115H
Volume of material hopper 6.5L 12L 6.5L
Inside diameter of conveying pipe Φ38mm Φ38mm
External size Main body(mm) 850x480x740 680x370x500
Material hopper (mm) 430x440x500 430x440x700
weight Main body (kg) 50kg 35kg
Material hopper (kg) 6kg+6kg 12kg

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