Fix Bottom Platen VL- 1200A

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  • Less land occupation than horizontal injection molding machine.
  • Hydraulic die locking with average stress.
  • Controlled by computer with high precision
  • Using the electronic scale to control position with high precision in injecting and clamping.
  • The function of low pressure die protection.
  • All guide bars use self-lubricant bushes in order to protect die and make machine clear.
  • Facilitate to fix insert with vertical clamping
  • Using bite type fittings to join the metal tubes instead of traditional welding, so that it can keep oil circuit clear.


  Item Content Unit Mold

Injection system
Screw Diameter mm 40 45 50
Injection Pressure kg/cm2 2296 1810 1470
Shot Volume(Theoratical) cm3 226 286 353
(PS) Shot Weight g 203 257 317
  oz 7.1 9.1 11.1
 Injection Rate cm3/sec 115 146 180
 Screw Stroke mm 180
Temperature Section - 4+1

Clamping system
Clamping Force tons 120
Platen Size mm 965*765
Space between Tie Bars mm 635*410
Min. Mould Height mm 250
Opening Stroke mm 300
Max. Mould Height mm 550
Ejector Force tons 4
Ejector Stroke mm 115

System Pressure kg/cm2 140
Pump Motor Power kw 18.5(4)
Heater Power kw 7.85
Total Power kw 26.35
Machine Weight tons 6.5
Machine Dimensions m 2.0*1.3*4.0

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